Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The End of the Night: Leaving the Reception

Leaving our reception at nighttime surrounded by friends and family holding sparklers was one of those things I always thought would be so magical!  
Although in some ways it felt like a giant blur, it really was so special!  

Dustin surprised me with our leaving car!  He loves old cars and was able to rent a 1936 Packard.  
It was an incredible car to leave our reception in.  The driver even drove us around downtown Birmingham before dropping us off at our bed and breakfast!  
 We left that night so excited to be married!  We spent the next 2 days at a bed and breakfast downtown before flying to the Dominican Republic for a week! 

Our wedding and reception was everything I had dreamed of wanting.  It was such a perfect day and really so much fun!  Everybody says your wedding day goes by fast and that was definitely true, but I feel like Dustin and I both soaked it in.  We treasured the moments and took it all in as much as we could. I love how everything turned out and I love that so many friends and family were able to celebrate with us! 

Almost 6 months later it is still surreal to me that we are married.  we loved planning our wedding and feel so incredibly thankful and blessed to have the wedding that we did! 

Thank you Nolen Photography for capturing all these amazing photos! We will re-live this day through these photos for years to come!  

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Reception Highlights: Part 3

We were so blessed to have SO many friends and family come from all over the country to our wedding!  Although it felt like a whirlwind and our time with people was so little, it meant the world to both Dustin and I to have so many people who have influenced our lives be there to celebrate this important day!  
The Blackburn side of family

The Griffith side of family

The Belue side of family

The Waggoner/Patterson side of family

New York City Friends!

Campus Crusade Friends

One of our favorite things at the reception was a photo booth!  We had a scrapbook made of all our guest taking pictures in the photo booth.  It was so fun and created amazing memories!  

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Reception: Highlights Part 2

My friend Morgan painted a "story board" for us!  We wanted to highlight the important dates in our relationship!  I love how it turned out!

I don't know if you can tell or not by the pictures, but the 3 flower girls LOVED the reception. :-) They partied hard and stayed on the danced floor almost the entire night.  
I love that most of my "OG" Community Group from Redeemer were able to be a part of the wedding weekend! These girls were my family in NYC! 

Our first picture together taken exactly one year earlier at a halloween party! 

We used lace from my mom's wedding dress on the gift table.

Since all 8 of our grandparents are in heaven we wanted them to be represented in pictures.  We decided to frame wedding pictures from our 4 sets of grandparents and our parents to display at the wedding.

One thing I had always wanted at my reception was a candy bar.  We decided to make it the party favor and had little baggies with personalized stickers for everyone to fill up and take home.  From what I've heard it was a huge hit for all the guests!

I love that the Taylor family flew down for the wedding. This family was my 2nd family in NYC!

I think a good time was had by all!  

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The Reception: Highlights

I loved everything about our reception!  
we held it at an old theatre downtown with high ceilings and exposed brick.  We tried to keep it simple, but also wanted it to be decorated with special things that personalized it!  
We served southern food with Chicken fingers, cheeseburger quesadillas mashed potato and sweet potato bar, broccoli salad, and fruit! 
We had so much fun seeing our worlds collide and celebrate with 300 of our friends and family! 
We danced the night away and soaked up every moment!  

My friends Katherine and Josh made this wooden board for us to have people sign at our reception.  It's a keepsake we will treasure in our home forever!  

My 9A roommates from NYC!  


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